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Heatwave Showdown (Adult)

  • Tournament: Heatwave Inaugural Adult Tournament

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Thanks for your interest in the first Heatwave Showdown! at Heatwave Arena. Our registrations are up and ready for you to be part of history! Stay tuned for event updates, schedules, and any exciting announcements via email and our website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Heatwave Arena.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Heatwave Showdown. We can't wait to see you at Heatwave Arena, where the excitement and competition will be at its peak! Thank you for choosing Heatwave Arena. Let's make this showdown one for the record books!

Teams: Teams may roster up to 12 skaters with a maximum of 2 goalies. A maximum of two coaches are permitted on the team bench during games. Only rostered members are allowed on the bench. All teams are allowed to have only one player "playing down"

Game Format 
• 2-minute warm-up
• 1-minute intermission
• 3-12minute stop clock periods
• Stop clock last 2 minutes within 1 goal

Each team is required to be dressed and ready to play 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time, as games may begin early at the discretion of Heatwave staff. Exception being the first two games of each day.

A player must play in a round robin game to be eligible for playoffs.

Each team is permitted one time-out per game, of one 30 second in length. Time-outs are not permitted in any overtime periods.

All minor penalties are 2:00 in duration and all major penalties are 5:00 in duration.

Carryover penalty: In an overtime game, a carryover penalty will be played under the same format as regulation play. For example, if a team is down a man heading into overtime, the team will maintain a 4 on 3 advantage at the start of overtime. Teams will go to 3 on 3 at the first whistle following the penalty. However, if a penalty is called during overtime, teams will play 3 on 2.

Deliberate Forfeits: Any team found deliberately forfeiting a scheduled game will result in an 8-0 scoring and an official hearing with regard to future eligibility.

Tournament Forfeits: Any team that does not show up for the (entire) tournament will forfeit each game and will result in a 3-0 scoring and an official hearing with regard to future eligibility.

Tie Breakers: 

• All round robin games that end in a tie score are final. Each team shall receive one point.

• If the score is tied at the end of a playoff game, teams will play 3v3 for 5 minutes. If the score is still tied teams will play 2v2 for 5 minutes. If teams are still tied teams will have a 3 man shootout.

• If two or more teams are tied at the conclusion of round robin play, the following tie breakers will apply

  1. Result of head to head competition. If more than two teams are tied in points, one team must have defeated all other tied teams in order for this rule to apply.
  2. Best goal differential (GF-GA)
  3. Total lowest goals against
  4. Result in a coin flip

If a team deliberately forfeits their last RR game they will be ineligible for playoffs

Match Penalty: We have a zero tolerance policy on the use of any racial slurs, fighting or abuse of officials/directors.
Players will be issued a match penalty, and will have a hearing with the tournament directors.


$800.00 USD due at registration


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