Learn to Play & Learn to Skate

by Andrew Telfer

Calling All Young Skaters and Aspiring Players: Join the Heatwave Arena Youth Programs!

At Heatwave Arena, we're excited to kickstart the roller hockey dreams of the younger generation. We're pleased to announce that sign-ups are now open for our Learn to Play and Learn to Skate programs.

Our Learn to Play program is perfect for kids eager to step onto the rink and explore the exciting world of roller hockey. It provides a fun and supportive environment where they can learn the fundamental skills and strategies of the game. With expert coaches and a focus on teamwork, these young players will soon be ready to take on the rink with confidence.

For those who are new to skating or simply want to refine their skills, our Learn to Skate program is the ideal starting point. Here, kids will develop the balance and agility needed to become proficient roller hockey players while having a blast on wheels.

Heatwave Arena is committed to nurturing a love for the sport in children of all ages. That's why our Learn to Play and Learn to Skate programs are designed exclusively for youth, providing a safe and encouraging environment to learn, grow, and have fun.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the world of roller hockey. Sign them up today for our youth-specific Learn to Play and Learn to Skate programs at Heatwave Arena, and watch their passion for the game ignite. We can't wait to see our young athletes take to the rink!

Learn to Skate is designed for athletes who are honing their skating skills, including stopping and navigating various situations on skates. It serves as an excellent introduction to both learning to play and participating in youth leagues.


Learn to Play is ideal for teaching players the fundamentals of roller hockey. Even those with ice experience will find that the style of roller hockey can be significantly different. This program is a great introduction to youth leagues.